“Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind, and fills your life with stories to tell."


Authentic experiences to feed the soul

We invite you to explore the richness of what our world has to offer. From a one-of-a-kind safari adventure to a luxury camping experience in the Inara desert, to an immersive and decadent villa retreat in the Italian countryside we are dedicated to crafting your ideal getaway.

At CharlotteJames Travel, we believe travel design to be a highly personalized client-driven art form. Using a tireless collaborative approach, we dig deep and get to know our clients on a personal level, eventually drafting a multi-faceted ‘passion profile’ for each participant. This profile maps preferences, passions and personality traits, all of which enables us to craft a truly unique and completely bespoke luxury itinerary.

We pride ourselves in anticipating our clients’ every need and desire as they embark on their adventure. We research and plan even the smallest of details, vet our suppliers and ensure an unmatched experience every time.

If you can dream it, CharlotteJames Travel
can bring it to life.

The experience of your dreams awaits.


Our excursions are tailor-made and highly curated to fit within your scope of interests and desires. The itinerary design process is largely client-driven, and seeks to give you unusual, delightful and unique experiences.


We believe traveling goes far beyond simply sightseeing; a memorable experience should be immersive and entirely authentic to you.

Private & Confidential

Your comfort and privacy is our top priority at all times. Your information, itinerary and personal details will always be held in the strictest of confidence.

Whatever, wherever and with whoever… We can make it happen

We want you to dream big. Push the boundaries of what’s possible and let us exceed your expectations.

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Watch your travel aspirations take shape within the most exotic corners of the world paired with unmatched luxury accommodation.

About Us

Charlene T Davé and Cathy J Wilkin are sisters and Co-Founders of CharlotteJames Travel Design. Between them they have visited more than 50 countries and lived and grown up in Europe, UK, Japan, the Middle East and America and this unique experience has given them a true love of travel.

Charlene’s experience in luxury travel for over 20 years and Cathy’s experience in event management for over 10 years has given them the opportunity to work with clients from around the world. Their passion for organising and implementing unparalleled travel itineraries for their private and corporate clients is the best in the luxury travel industry. They want to share their amazing travel encounters and journeys with you! Let them implement and organize your next adventure!

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